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Re: Amateur Satellites and Emergency Communications

Interesting thought. However I have found through experience that
emergency voice transmissions have their place within the immediate
"happening" area to a relay / forwarding station but are utterly useless
for forwarding communications. Anyone doubting this statement should have
been in Hawaii during Hurricane Iwa or Hurricane Iniki. My thoughts on
the subject is as follows:

Should there be a major disaster as mentioned above, all voice operation
on FM satellites should be suspended until the emergency has passed.
Digital communications are faster, more reliable and should be the only
means in a forwarding situation. So, get your packet TNC's out and bone
up on its use. That is when you will shine!

This brings up another subject. Is there on the West Coast of CONUS
anyone who would volunteer to come up on packet and handle emergency
communications from the Hawaiian Islands should a major disaster descend
upon us? Any packet BB's out there who could be converted to FM satellite
use for the duration of an emergency? That would be another avenue to
take the pressure off any other available communications route.

On the subject of digital satellites and possible the FM birds, what
would be the legality of passing MARS, FEMA, Red Cross or any other
authorized emergency traffic over those satellites mentioned? Any
thoughts on this subject?

Please reply direct since I do not wish to clutter the AMSAT-BB more than
it already is. 
73,  Peter, NH6VB. ALOHA.  
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