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Re: AO 27 and UO 14 congestion for field day

On Sun, 24 Jun 2001, Bruce Paige wrote:

> which brings up an interesting point..... i wonder if it would not be better for 
> someone with 50 watts to give out qso after qso to those with 5 watts (so they 
> would have their satellite contact) and be ineligible to submit an amsat field 
> day report, than it would be for all the 5 watt stations to simply qrm each 
> other. i wonder where the happy medium is. 

My opinion (based on experiences from the early days of AO-27 and from the
control station's perspective) is that **if** the object is to give out as
many contest-exchange QSOs as possible, yes, a few well operated "super
stations" (coordinating hand-offs, say on irc as the satellite moves
south) will easily outperform randmom QSOs.

The situation is analogous to a DX pileup on HF or the ISS operation.  
Most stations will already have the exchange by the time they get their
turn, and assuming the "lead" station is being heard well, should get
their info on a single transmission.

>From a theoretical standpoint, consider the difference in performance
between pure ALOHA and a tokenized protocol.  

The trick, of course, is deciding ahead of time who gets to be in charge,
coordinating the operation, and making it stick during the event.

Just my 2 shekels.



Stephan A. Greene                            sgreene@patriot.net
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