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Field Day - My thoughts

Field Day was a great success this year from my stand point and it rained,
so my score counts :-) !  I was the operator at W2LV, 4A NNJ.  We had the
good fortune to work Susan Helms on the ISS not once but twice.  We used
W2LV the first time then Dawn AD2P used her call to speak to Susan again.
It was very exciting, even more so for the visitors we had in the tent with
us.  Tomorrow is the state primaries so we had a state congressman and
county sheriff stop by the satellite tent while on the campaign trail.
Purely by coincidence, they witness the ISS QSO.  Not bad, and maybe it
earned us some Browne points with the local officials.  If anything they
learned a lot about Amateur Radio.  

I thought all the analog birds worked great except for RS-15, I could barely
hear my downlink on that one.  But we made numerous contacts on all the
other satellites.  RS-12/13, FO-20 and FO-29 always provided good signals
and the AO-10 perigee pass also brought lots of activity.  I don't think the
FM sats. were as bad as in previous years.  I would make a couple of calls
and get off.  Didn't  try to hold the bird, just work a couple.  Despite not
having AO-40 around I did setup a mode L/S station to see how it would come
together anticipating availability next year.  The setup looked pretty cool.

Our preliminary QSO count was 72 Q's ARRL style and 88 Q's AMSAT style.   It
was fun and I'm looking forward to next year.  



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