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Re: Field Day weather/results

Estes Wayne-W10191 wrote:
> Frank Grossman wrote:
> ...avoid being foiled by the little-known Rule 10.0  "If there is
> no measurable precipitation at your FD site, multiply your score
> by 0 (Zero) to compute your final score."
> Wayne replies:
> Darn, I guess my Sat field day operation doesn't count.  The weather
> was PERFECT!  High temperatures of about 80F (27C), and lows around
> 58F (15C). Light winds, lots of blue sky, low humidity.  I was set
> up in a screen tent because the weather was so nice.  The operators
> of stations in trailers seemed kind of jealous.

Same here in Minnesota!  We used to only half-jokingly refer to
Field Day as "the fourth full weekend of rain in June".  I've only
been doing it for 4 years, and the first 2 years were horrific,
including the one that flipped the VHF/UHF/Satellite tent trailer
onto its roof with all my gear inside, including a 3-month old FT-847
which was rendered unusable.  My shiny new radio was holding the back
end of the trailer off the ground when I arrived on the site.
Fortunately, no one was hurt, and we had backup radios available. The
following week I was able to repair the radio at no cost with a hammer
and a block of wood.  But that's another story.

Last year we had lovely weather, and it didn't start raining until the
last vehicle (mine) started to pull out of the farm site after teardown.

This year was even nicer, with no rain at all, though the week before
the actual event, the long-range forecast was for thunderstorms for
the whole weekend.  This was not surprising when you consider that to
that point, there had been only one day in June that hadn't rained
this year.  We were quite grateful for the change of weather!

Hope you all had a terrific Field Day!
73 de KB0ZEV (for W0BU 3A MN)
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