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HF ops and EZ-sats (my $0.02)

Continuing a thread...
Well, as a dyed-in-the-wool HF DXer (and willing to admit it!), here's
my story FWIW:
I started on AO-10 last fall, after having been licensed for 24 years. 
Reason:  a few locals were spotting FO5 and VK stations on the DX
Cluster and that sounded interesting.  I had all the equipment available
so just lashed it up one weekend and my first QSO was PY.  At that point
I was totally hooked.

After that I got to FO-20/29 (just reversing the Mode B setup).  Great
fun there as well.  I can make the adjustment from collecting countries
to collecting grid squares!

I actually tried RS-13 last, and really only because while working AO-10
suddenly there would be stations in the lower end of the RX passband
that I couldn't work. At that time it was in 15m up/2m down (can't
remember the mode schema off the top of my head) and I was hearing RS-13
traffic!  For me personally I tried it last because with my FT-726R, I
only needed one radio for AO-10/FO-20,29...so I was being lazy.  I bet I
would have gotten to it eventually though.

Well, I guess really the FM birds were last.  Tales of congestion kept
me off but then the CA guys talked me into it (K6YK and W6ZQ I think).

I have never bought into the "attracting people to..." argument.  This
hobby is a smorgasbord (sp?) of choices; people will gravitate to
whatever is interesting to them.  A few have artificial barriers ("it's
too expensive/hard/unknown") but the majority of non-sat-ops just
*aren't interested*, at least not at this time.  I know I wasn't, for 24

As an analogy, why do HF DXer's often concentrate on a particular band
or mode?  Their radios will do all the HF bands, usually their antennas
will do all or almost all bands, (and for the CW crowd, of which I'm
one) they all have mics...

So at least here's one datapoint of an HF op "going satellite" w/o
exposure to 'HF' satellites.  Literally my $0.02 and worth just that.

PS I might add...that the satellite crowd is WITHOUT EXCEPTION the
friendliest bunch of folks I have ever had the priviledge of associating
with.  I went from "the new guy" to "the regular old boy" in about 5
days, it seems.  THANKS GUYS this is what it's all about!

Scott NX7U/M dreaming of the day I have my truck-mounted AO-40 demo
station at the local swapmeet :-)
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