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ON5LL Fieldday station report from PE1RAH

I hope it will work now with amsat-bb, after some problems here.

Dirk (ON1DLL) and I (PE1RAH) we were also qrv at the amsat-fieldday.
We were qrv under the callsign ON5LL/P , and we used 2 small stations.

Station 1: The station we will taken with us on the dx-expedion through 
Europe. FT290,FT790 (internal PA selfmade), self-made handheld
oscar antenna 4el-2m / 7el-70cm. We used an 12V/7Ah battery and it
is charged by an UNISOLAR flexible solar panel.

More info about the EU-trip: http://www.qsl.net/pe1rah

Station2: IC821 with self-made 2m/70cm handheld antenna of Dirk.
For UO-22 we had an 386 PC laptop and this station was running on an 
12V/42Ah car battery (charged by solar)
To work the spoetniks we used an HF reciever. The 10m antenna we made just 5 
minutes before starting of the fieldday because I forgot to take mine with 

Our lokation was at an open field in Belgium, and we have been qrv for
the whole FD period. We worked UO14,AO27,FO20,FO29,AO10,RS12/13,UO22.

The satellites all worked very good, unfortunatly the amateurs were not 
always available (at night). And we heared many amerikan stations but they 
were to busy with qso's with other amerikans :-(
Even if our downlink signals were 5/9 !!

The station we taken with us on hollidays worked better than expected and we 
try to upgrade it with an 10m->70cm converter for the spoetniks and 13cm->2m 
convertor to be also qrv on Ao-40 when it will be activated.

Hope to meet you soon on the satellites,

73 de PE1RAH.

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