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RE: field day sats


> This makes me wonder, why don't we put up more mode KA sats? When I
> started working  analog Satellites, I started on RS-11. What a great old
> bird that was. I still remember trying to work it the day it died...

About three or four weeks ago I spent a few days working UO-14, FO-20,
FO-29, RS-12 and AO-40 portable in BC, Canada. I had dozens and dozens of
QSO's on UO-14, FO-20 and FO-29. I failed on AO-40 because my uplink was too
weak (although I could hear myself most of the time, others couldn't seem to
hear me). On RS-12 I failed 'cos I was the only station there!!

Whilst I agree RS-12/13 is probably the easiest sat of them all to work, for
some reason I was left there on my own on several passes calling CQ.

Equipment was a TS-2000, DB6NT downconverter, Arrow antenna for 2m & 70cm,
ATX Walkabout for 10m, 15 ele yagi for 2.4GHz. Uplink power on 2m was
between 5W and 50W depending on conditions; 70cm uplink power was 50W.

Regarding RS10/11 - is that bird simply mothballed or did something more
serious happen to it?

73 Howard G6LVB

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