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K0HAM on the birds

Hi folks.  Joe (ka3nam) and I (ky0dr) have spent a fair amount of money and a LOT of time preparing to work satellites on Field Day, 
and our efforts paid off.  We concentrated on FO-20 and FO-29 (thanks to advice from this list).
On FO-29 we worked n1sf.  On FO-20 we worked ke4azn and k5oe.  (Joe and I shudder to think what our dollar-and-hour-per-qso rate 
was! ;^)

Check out the pictures I took from our K0HAM Field Day effort (see the HF ops there, too):


That's ka3nam manning the "Armstrong" azimuth and elevation rotors in #52 thru #55.  That's me operating in #41.

Thanks a heap to all the help from this list over the past few weeks.  It was a major contributor to our success.

Lessons learned:
  1. Having a computer-driven az/el rotor system would be VERY nice, but is not absolutely necessary for a LEO if you've got two 
people who are on-the-ball.  Having automagic doppler tuning would be a big help, too.
  2. It was harder than I thought to "find myself" on the downlink.  Seems like most of the time once I did find myself using key-down or 
dits on the CW key (my apologies to those I surely sweeped over!), then switched to LSB and re-found myself in voice, then switched to 
"rev" mode tuning (on my 736 for the inverting transponder), then tuned to find another station to work, the doppler had shifted enough 
that I couldn't find myself again!  But we made it enough to count.
  3. Our antennas didn't "sweep" as well once installed on-site as they did when mounted alone.  We used a steel pole as the cross-
pole ($6 chain-link fence top post - another tip from this list), and are guessing that it threw things out-of-whack.  Something better for 
next year.

David, ky0dr

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