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field day sats

 This year I was in town to join my local club for field day. I didn't
have time to assemble, and test  my Cushcraft AOP-1 portable satellite
antenna set (that I usually setup for FD)  as I was traveling for work
most of the time in the weeks preceding field day.  So I went with a
truly portable system my SUV and mobile rig's , a D700, FT817, and my 706
Mk2. I tried to work the FM bird's all passes, what a mess. The Foo
bird's I couldn't quite copy the down link with my Arrow, with a
Hamtronics pre-amp. With what I had on hand, I wasn't about to waste my
time with AO-10.
  RS-12 saved my butt, I had  the 817 with a wire dipole  for the 10m
down link, and used the Arrow with the 706 at 20 watts for the uplink.
Armchair copy!  Everyone on the bird was noticeably more relaxed in their
operating , then what I observed on the FM bird's. Made several
contact's, passed the mic around to let other's try, great  FD sat demo.
The old farts were amazed to see me tx on 2m 20 watts and come down on
10m 59! This  took me about 10 minutes to setup, I wasn't planning on
working RS-12 until  late Sunday morning. 
 This makes me wonder, why don't we put up more mode KA sats? When I
started working  analog Satellites, I started on RS-11. What a great old
bird that was. I still remember trying to work it the day it died...

73 Jeff kb2m

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