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Re: AO 27 and UO 14 congestion for field day

Bruce Paige wrote:

> which brings up an interesting point..... i wonder if it would not be better for
> someone with 50 watts to give out qso after qso to those with 5 watts (so they
> would have their satellite contact) and be ineligible to submit an amsat field
> day report, than it would be for all the 5 watt stations to simply qrm each
> other. i wonder where the happy medium is.

Dunno. But I suspect the folks that were QRMing *us* on the FM LEOs were
using a bit more than 50 watts. And a high-power station can't "give
out" QSOs to stations 
it can't hear, whatever it's EIRP might be; ours wasn't anything
being genuinely portable as opposed to one of these parade-float trailer

Our club's traditional FD location is on top of a wooded ridge in a
state park. The ridge line runs due east and west, with trees many
hundreds of years old (and thus quite tall) to either side; our view of
the sky is therefore a slot oriented E-W. It's fantastic for HF. For
satellites it is clearly suboptimal. :-) 

With the trees in full leaf and drenched with rain, we copied satellites
only with great difficulty except when we had clear line-of-sight, which
lasted only for a very few minutes. We heard both AO-27 and UO-14
clearly at these times but *never* were able to capture their
transponders at all, although we copied many other stations jumping all
over each other. 

We *were* able to hear our downlink on FO-20 for a minute or two, but
didn't manage to turn that into a contact; with some practice under
field conditions (manually pointed Arrow antenna) we might have been
able to make a contact--with the limited window I kind of doubt it.

Perhaps ARRL FD credit on the FM LEOs should be given for just
*recieving* another station; there are clearly many more stations
attempting to operate than can possibly shoehorn into the available

I think AO-40 may be the ultimate solution, though: a linear transponder
with a long hang time. Next year's FD will be interesting.  

73 de Maggie K3XS
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