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RE: AO40 Spreadsheet Updated to Include Uplink Calculations

Gene -- It's a great tool. Good job!

> The revised AO40 Spreadsheet that includes uplink calculations may
> be downloaded from:
> http://home.HiWAAY.net/~mmarcus/download/ao40v2.0.xls

For good LNAs I find it easiest to measure total Tsys (Yfactor of Sky vs
Absorber. At S-band the human body is a good 320K absorber. It brings
new meaning to the term DUMMY load!). It appears that your calculator
works if you use a Tsys in the antenna/sky Tsys slots, then assign the
LNA a zero dB NF.

One thing that I would find very useful: Could you add an UPLINK [NONE]
button which would make use of the beacon power so that users could
estimate S/N on the beacon downlinks?

Tnx & 73 de Tom, W3IWI

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