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Re: AO 27 and UO 14 congestion for field day

funny.... i tried to make a qso with one of the members of our club but they just 
couldn't get into uo14 (that was the first evening pass). i worked no one else. 
on the second evening pass i tried again but they couldn't get in and i made a 
contact with k5oe for my one uo-14 qso. just listened this morning (but i may 
have called our club once to see if they were there). on the first pass of ao27 i 
worked a friend of mine, k5eng (but mike was at the mic) and listened on the 
second pass. on the first uo-14 pass i made a contact with another friend of 
mine, others started calling me. as i figured they were trying to get their one 
satellite qso and were pretty weak, i went back to them. i think there were 3 
of them (didn't even write them down). then i didn't make any others for the 
rest of the pass. as i really didn't want to sit there working back to back 
stations. i felt bad that i had to ignore those that were calling me but i thought 
that would be the best thing to do at that point rather than be the only one with 
50 watts on the satellite. 

obviously you were not able to hear all the passes. as i recorded them, there 
were others that were active the entire pass when i was just listening and i 
have never heard them on the satellite before so it was obvious they were 
working the arrl field day and not amsat field day. 

which brings up an interesting point..... i wonder if it would not be better for 
someone with 50 watts to give out qso after qso to those with 5 watts (so they 
would have their satellite contact) and be ineligible to submit an amsat field 
day report, than it would be for all the 5 watt stations to simply qrm each 
other. i wonder where the happy medium is. 

our club did not make their satellite qso with 5 watts and an arrow either. i 
tried on the first pass of the iss. they tried on the others but just couldn't make 
it.  i did not count the iss qso's on my amsat score sheet and have a grand 
total of 7 satellite voice contacts, one on each of the fm birds, three on fo29 
and two on fo20.

if my suburban had not been stolen last week (recovered 30 minutes later by 
the police before i even knew about it) and my radios taken, i would have 
used the 50watt mobile at our clubs field day yesterday and we would have 
had our one satellite contact. didn't really occur to me that i could have used 
someone elses radio...duh. you get used to your own equipment and when it 
isn't available you forget about a substitute. as it turned out, they were not 
able to make a satellite contact and that's the way it goes. but they did enjoy 
dish tv from the field day site. one of the members brought out a flat lcd panel 
with a dish tv receiver and a pin diode antenna and they watched all night.

i also made one contact with the iss as did mahana. which do not count 
towards amsat field day.


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> It seems the call sign I heard the most on both of the FM birds was KK5DO! We
> were trying to get our club its' 100 point bonus for a Battery Operated
> Satellite Station and I could not even begin to get into the birds!


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