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Re: uo-14 congestion

Bruce Paige wrote:

> as everyone thought, uo-14 was totally useless for its first pass this evening
> of field day 2001. i recorded it and you can hear one or two extremely strong
> stations that never made a single contact but tended to give their call
> repeatedly. i suspect the morning pass of ao-27 will be even worse as its
> transmiter is not as strong as uo-14 and most people at field day sites will not
> even hear it.
> http://www.amsatnet.com/uo14-24.ram
> if you had not thought of fo-20/29, rs-12, ao-10, then that will be where you
> need to be moving for next year.

I did not even bother listening to UO-14 today, but it sure was nice to see a lot
more activity on FO-20 and FO-29.  There were some really high power stations
causing the AGC to clamp down, but overall there were lots of stations to hear and
talk to.  There were a few that were not really hearing the satellite very well, but
I expected that...

Got to go, FO-29 is rising (so is UO-14, but guess which I'll be on).

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