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Re: AO-40: more successful ARCJET operations

Peter Guelzow wrote:

> Since everything went so well, the computer onboard AO-40 was commanded
> to initiate 2h "burns" starting around apogee on orbit 297 for the next
> three orbits.
> The first 2-hour burn stopped at Orbit 297 MA 142, which is 2001 Jun 23
> 0154 utc. Again, all telemetry is looking good and we may soon expand to
> 4h "burns" and possibly increase the thrust level as well.
> While we haven't yet seen the latest NORAD data, some effects of the
> changing orbit should be soon noticeable.
> Indeed, we all are very happy with the successful results of the ATOS
> (Arcjet Thruster on OSCAR Satellite) so far.

Congratulations !!

This is a milestone that the amateur satellite community should
celebrate !

You and others hard work is most appreciated :^)

Wishing you continued good luck with the project !

Douglas Cole   N7BFS
AMSAT#26182 , K2 # 544
Registered Linux user # 188922
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