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re: Mirage Amplifier Control

This is the best I can make out from the schematics of a 3010 and 2516
AMP. You should verify this with a meter before proceeding (at own

Pin 1 Remote SW B+ In
Pin 2 Unswitched B+ From amp

(Pins 1 and 2 are connected together to turn amp "ON" when local switch
is set "off".)

Pin 3 Remote Switch to ground for SSB (local switch set to FM)
Pin 5 Ground return to amp from SSB switch and TX LED.

Pin 4 Remote switch to Unswitched B+ to turn preamp "ON" while local
switch is set "off".

Pin 6 Remote TX LED (need 470 ohm dropping resistor)

>Anyone have the pinout for the remote control connector on a Mirage
B3016 or
>similar amplifier?  I need to build a remote control panel.

Thanks and 73's

Anthony (Tony) Campbell

Joe Leikhim K4SAT


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