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Re: RE: Station Program es 847

I picked up a DB9 Null Cable at Radio Shack....
you have to ask for one as they are usually not lying around in
the open... they had them in a closed cabinet under the other
connectors for computers...

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> Maggie wrote:
> There's a known issue with early 874s (serial numbers prefixed lower than
8G05xxxx) being unable to respond to attempts to *read* the freq/mode status
of the radio; any software that depends on that function working will have
trouble with the early units. There's a firmware upgrade available from
Yaesu to resolve the issue.
> Wayne replies:
> This is true, but The Station Program doesn't read the frequency from the
FT-847.  It only writes frequencies to the FT-847, so it should work fine
with early FT-847 firmware.  The Yaesu Doppler tuning algorithm in The
Station Program was written for the FT-736 which doesn't have "read
frequency" capability in its CAT interface.  The source code for The Station
Program was lost before the FT-847 came on the market, so VP9MU was not able
to add "read frequency" capability to his Yaesu tuning algorithm.
> I once had a serial problem with my FT-847 when I used a home-made serial
cable that only connected the 3 wires specified in the FT-847 manual.  It
worked fine on one computer, but it didn't work on a different computer.
The symptom was the same as what KQ6EA reported.  The CAT icon would light
up, but the radio wouldn't tune.  I still don't know why, but I solved the
problem by making a cable that connects all 9 pins (with pins 2 and 3
swapped, of course).  Minor rant: Why is it so hard to buy a 9-pin
null-modem cable?  There are tons of 25-pin null-modem cables in stores,
even though it's been many years since 25-pin connectors were widely used
for serial ports.
> By the way, InstantTrack/InstantTune and SatPC32 provide much more
versatile Doppler tuning for the FT-847 because they DO read the frequency
from the radio.  You tune the radio normally, and Doppler tuning resumes as
soon as you quit tuning. I don't like the way The Station Program forces me
to tune across a transponder with mouse-driven sliders.  Part of my problem
is that with my Pentium-90 the tuning sliders become jerky when the map is
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> Mundelein, IL, USA
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