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Re: Norsat Downconverter

On Fri, 22 Jun 2001 03:13:22 -0400, you wrote:

>Does anyone have any experience or information on converting a NorSat 2500
>downconverter for AO-40 Mode S?
I have one with a crystal that gets it close to a 2m IF. Ward, WC0Y
has tuned the filter down with ptfe tape. His results seem to indicate
that with no further mods the Norsat has a slightly better noise
figure than the Drake without the lna replacement. See

Mark Fossum is having a crystal analyzed to determine the correct
correlation info.
 Some tweaking may be possible on the "stubs" of the lna to get it
better on 2401 and a low noise preamp should be able to put it into
the high performance category. 73 de Eddie, WB4MLE
Eddie Seymour, WB4MLE
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