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Info needed for MBM88 Antena

Some years ago I bought two MBM88 70cm yagies made by Jaybeam Limited in UK.
I was going to phase them, but never got to it.  Instead I kept the HyGain
70 cm for satellite work.

I have a friend who is interested in my antena, and wonders if it is
"circularly polarized."  As far as I can tell, it can be set up for vertical
or horizontal polarization, but circular?  The technical specs don't mention
polarization specifics, except mentioning beamwidth E and H plane ( 28 and
23 deg's respectively).

Can someone , please, enlighten me concerning this antena, and how it could
work as uplink for AO-40.

Thanking in advance,

73, George

George Liepins, KE4HW
Professional Retiree and
Amateur Radio Operator

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