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Dish test results

Hi folks,

I stayed up late last night to try the new dish setup on a low-MA
pass of AO-40. Turned on the rig at MA 10 and followed it through
MA 15 before turning in.  The bird was LOUD.  Got nearly all good
CRC frames; this is the first time I've gotten ANY good CRCs.

Granted, the satellite was significantly closer than at apogee,
but there was definitely some margin in the signal.  This is still
with the Conifer preamp feeding a modified Drake, but with the
Canned Helix feed on a screen-covered grill.

Pictures are at http://www.jps.net/gregd/hamsite.htm

Now that it looks like the ArcJet testing has begun, I patiently
await a return to normal attitude for an apogee test.  Best
wishes to the command team and to the satellite.


Greg  KO6TH

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