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Re: RE: Station Program es 847

"Kenneth J. Ernandes" wrote:

> Make sure the FT-847 CAT communications is set up at 4800 baud.

If the CAT indicator comes on, it means that the 847 is hearing commands
on the serial port well enough to recognize the "CAT on" command, so I
don't think the problem is with the serial parameters. 

It's gotta be something preventing the tuning commands from being issued
or honored. 

There's a known issue with early 874s (serial numbers prefeixed lower
than 8G05xxxx) being unable to respond to attempts to *read* the
freq/mode status of the radio; any software that depends on that
function working will have trouble with the early units. There's a
firmware upgrade available from Yaesu to resolve the issue.  

73 de Maggie K3XS

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