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RE: Station Program es 847


I really don't know, ... I don't have access to an FT-847. Perhaps someone
on the BB could suggest something.

Paul, VP9MU 

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From: Jim Jerzycke
To: vp9mu@amsat.org
Sent: 6/19/01 11:18 PM
Subject: Station Program

Hi, Paul.
First, thanks for putting The Station Program out there for us. It's
really neat!
Next, how do I configure my FT-847? I followed the example in the manual
using FO-29 to the letter, and when I open a Beacon Console and select
everything per the docs, the "cat" indicator comes on, but the radio
doesn't tune. I'm sure it's a config problem on my end, but I just can't
seem to figure it out.
Per the "Help" instructions, I'm running V1.01 BETA 20, s/n
18286-16724-B (generated by the key program from AMSAT).
Thanks for your time, es 73
Jim  KQ6EA

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