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Re: Re: Field Day satellite rule.

>From: ALTENCZA@aol.com
>Andy McAllister is very short of time at present
>and has been unable to sound out a couple of
>subtle rule interpretations in the upcoming satellite
>Field Day contest.
>Does any operator have a view on these two questions?
>   1.   Should an APRS contact be allowed on UO-14 and AO-27?
>   2.      Are U/S and L/S separate transponders?
>Al  NX2Q


I have no idea as far as official Amsat position.  If you are surveying
members, here's my opinion:

1.  I have no personal objection but wonder with the intense activity on
the Leo's, if APRS might be just that more QRM.

2.  In my opinion they are two separate transponders "in fact"; for Amsat
FD credit, I believe its in the spirit of rewarding effort for getting on
and operational, that these two modes be counted.  {the big question is
will AO-40 be activated???}.


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