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Re: Beacon frequencies

Here's info I use in my presentations on AO-40. This is from measurements 
made by the RF team onsite at Korou during prelaunch checkout. Hope it 

Band    Designator  General Middle  Engineering
2m  V   none    145.8993 MHz    none 
70cm    U   435.438 MHz 435.588 MHz 435.838 MHz 
13cm (1)    S1  2400.188 MHz    2400.338 MHz    2400.588 MHz 
13cm (2)    S2  2401.168 MHz    2401.318 MHz    2401.568 MHz 
3cm     X   10450.975 MHz   10451.125 MHz   10451.375 MHz 
1.5cm   K   24047.885 MHz   24048.035 MHz   24048.285 MHz 

Mike, N1JEZ
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