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Re: Re: Field Day satellite rule.

At 03:15 PM 6/19/2001 -0400, ALTENCZA@aol.com wrote:
>Andy McAllister is very short of time at present
>and has been unable to sound out a couple of
>subtle rule interpretations in the upcoming satellite
>Field Day contest.

Andy will have to make the definitive ruling, but I have opinions.

>  1.   Should an APRS contact be allowed on UO-14 and AO-27?

I would say no, because packet shouldn't be allowed on the FM satellites. The intent of the one-QSO-per-FM-satellite rule is to reduce congestion on those satellites, and a mode that controls transmissions automatically (and requires perfect copy) is a great way to increase congestion.

APRS is allowed where packet is allowed -- that's already in the rules. Digipeating is also OK. In either case, it has to be a complete verified two-way exchange. The only question is whether digital modes are allowed on FM satellites.

Certainly if they were allowed, the one-QSO-per-FM-satellite rule would still apply. So at most we're talking about 2 QSOs (6 points) per station. Since presumably you could use a voice QSO on each satellite to get 2 points, the issue is only 6-2=4 points.

>  2.      Are U/S and L/S separate transponders?

I would like to say yes, because different equipment is required, but I think the right answer has to be "no". The station at the other end of the QSO has no way to know which uplink you are using. He would then be unable to reject duplicate QSOs on the satellite, because he wouldn't know whether you're calling on a different uplink or not.

This is probably moot, since it sure doesn't seem likely that AO-40 will be available for Field Day this year.

73  -Paul

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