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Radio ctl from NOVA

Gunther Meisse wrote:

Now I want to control an Icom 910H (QSOs) and Yaesu FT-100D (Telm from the Beacon) with a Windows program that will compute the Doppler (not done by NOVA) and send, via KCT, to the radios. I want one that I can move the VFO knob on the radios to the signal I want and then the software keeps up with the Doppler from there.

Wayne replies:

For the Icom 910H you could definitely use SatPC32 for "transparent" Doppler tuning.
http://home.t-online.de/home/erich.eichmann/indexeng.htm <http://home.t-online.de/home/erich.eichmann/indexeng.htm> 
The FT-100D probably has not been tested with SatPC32 because it isn't a "satellite radio".  The author Eric Eichmann is very responsive to suggestions, and would probably be willing to add FT-100 support if you send him the CAT commands and explain how it should work without full-duplex capability.

I imagine that The Station Program could also provide "transparent" Doppler Tuning for the Icom 910H.  It can be downloaded from the AMSAT web site.  The Station Program might work with the FT-100D (emulating the FT-736R interface), but it would NOT support "transparent" Doppler tuning.  That is, you couldn't tune with the VFO knob.  But you could tune via the cursor keys, which should be good enough for your telemetry receiver.

Both of these programs control the radio directly via a serial port.  I don't think either of them uses the KCT tuning interface.  To support two simultaneous independent RX Doppler tuning functions I suppose you could run the program in multiple windows.

73 de Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

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