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Update on Gardiner LO2398 bias tee/power supply

I reported a couple of days ago the Gardiner power supplies were non-working. 
 As it turns out, both bias tees were bad, but one of the wall warts was 
good--rated 20 Vdc, but shows 28 Vdc unloaded, has only a full wave bridge (4 
1N4001's) and a little 20 uF electrolytic filter capacitor.  I opened up the 
bias tees and found a little circuit board with an LM317 voltage regulator in 
a TO-220 case and a blocking diode.  I ripped out the little circuit board 
and installed a DC choke and a decoupling capacitor (2 pF).  These now make 
nice little bias tees for any downconverter, complete with F-connectors.


73, Jerry, K5OE
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