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Re: Drake 2880

Hi Doug,

I received your failed Drake converter yesterday and got the cover off
this morning.  I'm sorry to say that it was full of water!  Actually
"full" is a little extreme but there was standing water inside and the
insides are corroded beyond any reasonable use.  I do not believe that
the cover seal was breached.  In fact, the only clean and non-corroded
metal on the inside of the unit was where the cover made contact with the
rest of the unit.  The surface and the seal looked good all the way
around.  The water must have entered through one of the connectors and my
best guess is that it was the "F" connector.  I immediately took the
cover off one of mine that I had just taken down last week.  There was no
sign of moisture in it but it had only been up for a couple of months. 
When you put the new one up make sure you get a good seal at the
connectors.  Make sure there are no "upstream" connectors that are
unprotected and no nicks in the jacket of the coax cables.  If I had a
choice I would point the IF connector (and the cable) down.  I see you
used RTV or some form of silicone seal on the connectors.  I use Coax
Seal here and so far I have not had a problem.  Radio Shack has small
rolls of it under their own brand name - I think they call it "Connector

Good luck with your new converter.  Keep me posted on your progress and
if I can help let me know.  If I had known that my medical treatment was
not going to be as severe as I first thought I could have put the crystal
in it for you but I'm sure Bill will have the crystal in a few days.

Good luck.

73's de Jess - W4MVB
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