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Re: prime star dish

I have that very same style dish and have been trying to figure the best
way to feed it from the past discussions on this group. The closest I
found was a "Channel Master 1 meter" dish described by W1GHZ (Appendix
5A) as having an f/D of 0.68. Can anyone suggest the number of turns
(and turns spacing) helical that would work best?

Joe Leikhim

>FWIW, there are two kinds of Primestar dishes. The most common is the
>wider than tall model, but there is a larger model that I got recently
>which is marked as 1.2 M and is 51" high x 48" wide. It is still an
>offset feed, but supported by three aluminum struts instead of the
>single bar.

>Mike N4CNW

Joe Leikhim K4SAT


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