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Re: Journal

Hi Mike,

OOPS!  When I saw you had replied, I figured I stepped on your wife's toes
a little.  That was not the intent, sorry!  

Well, granted it was a cheap shot...and unfair to the many responsible USPS
workers that work very hard to make sure the mail is delivered correctly.
To them I apologize.

For instance USPS Priority Mail is great.  Cost the same here as anywhere
in the USA, and is just as quick as the private carriers.  I just wish more
companies and suppliers would not cause such a fuss about shipping pr-mail.
 Some outright refuse; others charge a handling fee of $20-30 per parcel.
Their convenience takes precedence to the customer's cost.  Its not
surprizing that I favor those who will handle priority mail shipments.

What I said about my experiences with delays and cost are still there.  You
can understand that it makes one have questions!


At 08:31 AM 6/15/01 -0800, you wrote:
>Your not making friends at my QTH this morning......
>The people that do the actual mailing "DO NOT SEND" the journal
>all at the same time.....They do a little every day.....You don't
>get to look at the little labels that the post office puts on
>little bundels of mail.   But then everyone is quick to bad mouth
>the best postal system in the world..... No brag just the

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