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Marconi Reenactment

The Royal Navy will be transmitting a spark gap transmission this December
in commemoration of the 100TH aniversary of Marconi's transatlantic
transmission in 1901.  I dont have all the details, but the Naval Academy
EE Department will be trying to build a 1901 receiver to hear it.

So I need to find a coherrer, and/or self quenching corherrer and get
smart on how Marconi did it.  I bet some ham somewhere has a complete
receiving set up already (Preferably someone nearby (Maryland) or in
Newfoundland where the actual reception will take place.

The only thing not authentic is the frequency.  It will be in the 160m
amateur band.  THis is much higher in frequency than marconi's original
attempt, but much study has concluded that it was the higher harmonics of
his signal that probably propogated and were heard instead of his
fundamental anyway, so this is more or less authentic.


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