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Re: prime star dish

FWIW, there are two kinds of Primestar dishes. The most common is the
wider than tall model, but there is a larger model that I got recently
which is marked as 1.2 M and is 51" high x 48" wide. It is still an
offset feed, but supported by three aluminum struts instead of the
single bar.

Mike N4CNW

On Fri, Jun 15, 2001 at 07:32:07AM -0500, David Rush wrote:
> Bob:
> >I am looking for a prime star "type" dish, around Seattle.  Have truck
> >will travel.
> Here are three approaches:
> 1. Call everyone you know that had PrimeStar service and volunteer to de-install their dish, if they haven't done so already.
> 2. Lurk the streets in the early morning on "big item trash day" in your town (and/or neighboring towns).
> 3. Open up the yellow pages and call every (TV or other) satellite dish installation company you can find.
> I ended up with #3, and got a PrimeStar dish with wall mount bracket for $20 (he had recently thrown away several, but kept one just in 
> case something came up).  Found another place that had two for $35 each (Kansas City area - will truck travel that far?;^)
> David, ky0dr

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