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TAPR Trakbox

Ladies and Gentlemen,
        I purchased a returned Trakbox kit from TAPR about a year ago. I
successfully completed the kit and everything appeared to be working
properly. During the past year however, the Trakbox has required two
backup battery replacements. This led me to believe that somewhere I had
a small current draw slowly depleting the battery prematurely. After a
careful examination of components and their placement, I found a
capacitor out of place.
       Before I waste another battery on this I was wondering if anyone
could give me an idea of what the function of this capacitor was. The
capacitor is labeled C14 and is a 33pF monolithic; the schematic shows
it connected to the crystal and an IC, U4. I moved the capacitor to its
correct location and have noticed two immediate changes. One would be
the ability to receive position info. from the rotor (which may be more
related to correctly reassembling after soldering), two would be an
invalid date/time at the initial default setup (instead of a 01/01/01
00:00:00 I get a weird date and a time of about 30hrs). The clock does
run correctly once set. If anyone could tell me if I have perhaps
corrected the battery problem I would appreciate it.
            73's and Tnx,
            KB9RCA, Eric Pearson  EN53vb
            AMSAT# 33566

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