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Re: Microwave signal generator

At 09:50 PM 6/13/01 -0400, Bruce Nolte wrote:
>Greetings, I am contemplating the path I will need to take to receive
>S-band on AO-40, and on a hunch I picked up a surplus HP 8616B microwave
>signal generator at a recent hamfest for $20. I figure if nothing else,
>it might be useful for testing and alignment purposes of whatever
>downconverter I end up getting to feed my FT-736.

Hi Bruce,
The HP8616 is useless as a LO for SSB reception. It is a free-running
oscillator and is nowhere near stable enough for that purpose.
Similarly, it cannot be used for testing/aligning SSB receivers.

However, it is an excellent device for testing antennas and
feedlines. Assuming yours is working, you can calibrate
the attenuator with a known good fixed unit. With this you can measure
loss, return loss, SWR etc. For $20 you did pretty good!

Tony AA2TX

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