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Re: UO14 carrier XE2AT

   From: "laura halliday" <marsgal42@hotmail.com>
   Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 15:54:57 -0700

   Michael P. Olbrisch <kd9kc@elp.rr.com> wrote:

   >I am about 4 miles from the border, but what you are asking for is
   >difficult at best.  Somehow, the authorities on the other side of the
   >border here do not seem to understand amateur radio.  They do not
   >know about reciprocal licensing.  And of course, without a proper
   >license we should not and will not operate over there.  Makes you
   >wonder how the cell phones are overlooked???  <grin>

   While it's not the sort of automatic reciprocal agreement
   that exists between the U.S. and Canada, The U.S. and Mexico
   have a reciprocal agreement, and the procedures (documented
   on the ARRL web site) sound straightforward. It's just
   not something you do on the spot.

Apparently you can do it on the spot, at least in Tijuana, and I
believe at other major crossing points.

Major DXpeditions and contest operations are prohibited without
special permission from Mexico City.

It's a sensitive issue, though.

73, doug
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