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Re: UO14 carrier XE2AT

Hola Alvarao.

xe2yvw70@hotmail.com writes:

> Hi boys somebody know about this carrier ? <snip>
>  This morning in the EAST pass just 5 degrees for me in DL81 the carrier 
> strong, nobody can overpass the carrier.......

Bruce, KK5DO, and I have been tracking and plotting this carrier for 3 days 
now, noting when it is strongest and when it is in our mutual window.  Using 
both ascending and descending passes to narrow the possible mutual windows, 
we were able to eliminate large portions of land mass.  I believe the 
offending carrier is somewhere roughly between Houston and Mobile, which 
includes the cities of Baton Rouge and New Orleans.  I have scanned the 
Houston area 360 degrees during a pass and have not detected the uplink here. 
 At first we thought it was located south of us in the Caribbean or Central 
America, but last night's ascending pass had the carrier until LOS here.  Our 
methods are crude to the extreme, but we use the tools we have available :-)  
Two other possibilities are the signal is space-based or at sea.

This is quite unfortunate timing as the rare station in VP5 (for only a few 
more days) is unable to punch through the carrier to confirm calls.  Maybe 
active hams in the noted areas above could monitor the uplink frequency 
(145.975 MHz) for a carrier, especially during UO-14 passes.
Jerry, K5OE
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