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Re: Novice in AO-10

Hello This is Yoshi JF6BCC.

At 2001/06/14 01:20:08 Igor Bubnov wrote:
> Do anyone use AO-10 for communications on regular basis? I've heard beacon
> loud enough last weekend and even heard my downlink signal. But there were
> no stations at all. It is pity... Can someone explain me how activity in
> AO-10 depends on season of the year and time of the day?

  I sometime QRV on AO-10, but mostly could not QSO. The condition
of AO-10 is much un-stable, and it is very difficult to estimate
its status even at today. Maybe most of operators will not reguraly
QRV on AO-10, except in the case of peditions or events.

  AO-10 is much elder sat and its is in uncontrollable status. The
attitude is not sure, its battery had died. We are very lucky that
its Mode-B transponder is still working, but it works only when the
solor panel get enough sunlight. For example, I QRVed at 9th.Jun.
and the transponder was in cycle of 60s-ON and 30s-OFF. And at 11th.
Jun. it was on 15s-ON and 70s-OFF.
  Also only the omni antenna on the AO-10 is working (unswitchable to
its beam antenna). So when it is at around apogee, we need a big
up/down antenna to communicate.

  And there is another one thing. Now AO-40 is sending its beacon.
Maybe most of sat ops are busy to trucking AO-40 and receiving its
2400MHz beacon, with his antenna tracking system and 2m rig :-).
Me too. Most of the time I point my antenna to AO-40 but not AO-10.

  If you have any plan to QRV on AO-10, I suggest You to write here
for make some schedule QSO before your QRV. If we know the QRV time
and freq, it will be good for us to arrange our schedule.

Yoshihiro Imaishi JF6BCC/KH2GR
GL:PM53JV, ex KC6IY(T88IY),V63BP
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