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Re: Thermistor Question, Drake 2880

Thx for that Bob...I will quit worrying about it now...the only thing I am 
concerned with is the insulation around the crystal to keep the heat in a 
confined area rather than heating up the entire board and components.....I 
think that question has been asked but I don't recall what the entire 
analysis was...I guess very small pieces of styrofoam around the crystal 
and thermistor will do the  trick....

73's.......Lonnie  (NT6B)

At 10:11 PM 6/13/2001 -0400, BobsImsai8800@aol.com wrote:
>The thermistor draws current until it reaches its temperature then tries to
>stop drawing current (positive temperature coefficient) so it stabilizes. 25
>volts is max rating, I think.
>I run mine at 12 volts and it draws 40 MA when hot and that is how Down East
>Microwave and others run theirs.

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