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Re: RCA/DSS dish feed resources?


> hey , wait a minute , the gal at downeast told me that the only way I
>  could get my 13ulnack was with females on both ends :^(

I ordered the kit with two male connectors, thinking I was going to install 
it directly on a helix with the Drake directly behind it.  As it turned out, 
I changed my mind (nothing new there).  Instead I built it with one male for 
the antenna connection and one female for a coax connection.  The female was 
off a Drake 2880 which now has a nice male on it's input.  It worked out well 
all around.  

Here's a pic of it mounted on the dish feed (subject of a later report):
The dish is a surplus MMDS unit from K5GNA and measures 45 cm x 55 cm and the 
d/c is s Drake 2880.  I was able to copy UO-11 at S7 yesterday and follow the 
beacon all the way down to zero degrees!  This morning I was able to easily 
capture telemetry with AO40Rcv at 64,000 km (no good CRC in the little while 
I tried).
Jerry, K5OE
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