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Re: Re: Return loss bridge (2.4 gHz ) report

I had thought that would be a great kit BUT, for $150 one can buy a good
(great?) commercial antenna with guaranteed results - no bridge required. I
could see the benefit if I were to knock out antennas for the band of
interest as a small business, but for a one off construction project... It
just didn't fit in my $500 new "mode" budget.

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> Hi All
> In the Sep/Oct 2000 AMSAT Journal pages 13 - 19 two Amateurs ( KN6KC and
> VE5FP ) teamed together and produced a Bridge unit to test return-loss on
> 1.2 and 2.4 gHz antenna systems.    I wish to report that I have
> purchased a 2.4 gHz bridge and it is an excellent device.    There is
> nothing like being able to measure your 2.4 gHz antenna impedance return
> loss rather than modeling  or just plain guessing about it.     It is
> small, simple and easy to use.

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