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On being a Newbie

Woody wrote:
Hi Bill:

You screwed up on just one thing.  You may have been a "Newbie when you
started on your quest, but you surely have graduated.  I would no longer

consider you a Newbie.  Congratulations on a job very well done!!

Howdy all

Everyone starts out a newbie which is why there are Elmers.   This is a
good list
to find information on mystical microwaves for mode S on up.  Just ask.
My first brush with satellite operation was working RS 10/11 which got
pumped to say the least - Looking forward to trying my modified Drake
and even
the homebrew lashup with the Mavin filters and WJ surplus preamp.
cost, yea, Id like to own the latest but most of my junque is just that,
junque.  The receiver will be an old IC202 but no doubt, the R390A will
see some service as an IF following the 2ghz to 144mhz and 144mhz to ten

meters converters.  Looking forward to working y'all on mode S!

73 de AA9IL
Mike Kana

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