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Re: Help FT726 9600 Baud Mod

This is from my files. Never tried here.
Modification of FT-726 for 9600 baud

Use shielded cable for the connections below.

Receive signal is from the junction of D04 and R45 in the RX unit. This 
module is located on the bottom side of the radio and is easy to access.

Transmit signal goes to the junction of C25, R32, and R30 in the SAT unit. 
This module is located on the top side of the radio and is easy to access.

Now for the hard part. If you want 9600 baud simplex operation in a single 
band you need to feed the modulator in the TX unit at the junction of R37, 
R35 and C27. This module is located under the SAT unit. It is easy to 
access if you call removing the SAT unit easy.

One suggestion is to run all three coax cable out through the key jack, 
assuming you don't work CW!

One person reported that the TX injection point does have an effect on the 
audio from the FT726. He got a constant tone along with the voice audio 
when transmitting on FM. Turning off the modem solves the

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