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Re: ERP on U for AO-40 !!

In a message dated 6/12/01 5:11:26 PM Eastern Daylight Time, dl6dbn@dl6dbn.de 

> As long as squint is reasonably low (which should hopefully be in
>  future three-axis-mode) and RX-AGC is low the predicted uplink budget
>  of 100 to 200 Weirpc will be enough. As far as I heard from some
>  L-uplink stations, I talked to, the predicted 400 to 600 Weirpc are
>  enough as well as long as the mentioned conditions exist (e.g. squint
>  below 10 deg).

Hi Frank,

I agree these numbers are reasonable. I used 600 W ERP linear on L band (~ 
300 W ERPc) with good results on S2 out to about 55,000 km. The squint angle 
wasn't real good at the time. I believe I'll be in real good shape if we get 
reasonable squint with three axis stabilization and S1. All of this also 
assumes a good receive system as has been outlined before.

Mike, N1JEZ
AMSAT #29649
Local Area Coordinator
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