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Re: Can anyone clarify dBic?

Oops, Franklin YOU ARE CORRECT.
I always seem to space out on that power division thing.

So for everyone else...please ERASE ERASE ERASE my reply ;-)

At 03:01 PM 6/12/01 -0700, Franklin Antonio wrote:
>At 01:59 PM 6/12/2001, Scott Townley wrote:
>>(Or look at it another way...if you "CP" a pair of 10dB yagis, and receive
>>them on a linear antenna, the CP pair will look like 13dBic-3dB
>>(polarization mismatch)=10dBi, which is the gain of one of the linear
>That is not correct.  If you phase a pair of 10dBi Yagis, and transmit a 
>circularly polarized signal to me using that setup, and I receive it with a 
>linearly polarized antenna, I will receive only the portion of the signal 
>that you transmitted from ONE of the two transmit antennas.  Yes, that one 
>transmit Yagi antenna is a 10dBi antenna, but you only put half of the 
>transmit power into it (because you put half into the other polarization 
>which is in this case wasted).
>Therefore, the result will be the same as if you had transmitted to me 
>using a 7dBi Yagi.  10dBi - 3dB = 7dBi.
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