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Re: Re: Dont want to work at it?

>I wrote and you requoted...
>>THE ISSUE strikes me is can a reasonalbe number of people who have little
>>"mode B" experience and mostly "mode VHF FM" experience assemble such a
>>station for any amount of money much less 500$.

>The money is not the issue.<,

I must be getting inarticulate in my old age because I was quite sure that 
the above (which I posted and you requoted) made it quite clear that I didnt 
think that money was the issue.

The issues are two fold.

1.  Is Mode B a useful step in attracting large(r) numbers of amateurs into 
the satellite part of ham radio?

2.  or perhaps the larger question is "do we want to attract large numbers 
of amateurs into the amateur service".

That last one might be the gulf between us.  It strikes me that using terms 
like whiners (which is yours) and "get a clue" (which was someone elses) are 
sort of indicators that this might not be your goal.

It is mine.  if we do not attract larger numbers of amateurs into the 
satellite venue then we will find that there is never going to be the 
commercial base to support satellites in a manner which will make it a 
SECURE service from the demands of other commercial operators.  It wont 
bullet proof the bands that ICOM, Kenwood et al have a stake in hams holding 
onto a band but large numbers of people, lots of satellites (possession is 
nine tenths of the law..) and large commercial support are more effective 
then "use it or lose it" campaigns.

AO-40 was one approach to attraccting large numbers of amateurs...a 
satellite for "EVERYONE" was one article about it AND its to bad its not 
going to do that.  What that argues for is less supersats and more sats 

You may find it necessary to support a decision that clearly has flaws (and 
we are stuck with whatever capability that AO-40 turns up with) but another 
AO-40 success will kill amateur satellite operation.

AS Inoted if AO-40 dies tomorrow you cant tell me when we launch another 
satellite with even Mode B much less 2.4 ghz capability...

Stop gripping. <<  oh you havent seen me gripe. (grin).  Its only when I 
start using words like "snifflers" that I am doing that...grin

If you don't want to put out
>little bit of money or effort to work AO-40, then don't.<<  The joy of 
>having a wife who is a ham is that no one counts the money.  We stopped 
>counting well before we got to 500 dollars.  Besides this isnt about me 
>remmember?  I was quite sure you told me that.

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