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ERP on U for AO-40 !!


I drove AO-40 U-RX-AGC to 5 dB at apogee (squint 15 deg) with only 500
Weirpc. RIG was a FT-847 (40 W out), -3 dB cable loss and an 11 ele XY
with 13 dBic gain. That means 150 Weirpc would be enough for either CW
or SSB "if" there won't be any alligators on the RX or all alligators
were notched out by LEILA.

In more than 50 contacts while AO-40's 1st tranponder time I never
used more than 250 Weirpc even with RX-AGCs of up to 10 dB by several
alligators. And I had never any problems reading my own signals nor
was any received report worse than 43, most were in the area 55 to 57.
Only attempted contacts to a few obviously deaf stations, who couldn't
hear their own alligator signals at all, didn't happen. I had some
nice SSB-contacts even with uplink signals of only 25 to 50 Weirpc on
both sides.

As long as squint is reasonably low (which should hopefully be in
future three-axis-mode) and RX-AGC is low the predicted uplink budget
of 100 to 200 Weirpc will be enough. As far as I heard from some
L-uplink stations, I talked to, the predicted 400 to 600 Weirpc are
enough as well as long as the mentioned conditions exist (e.g. squint
below 10 deg).

gl es 73,
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