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Re: RCA/DSS dish feed resources?

Hi Dale,

I was able to hear AO-40 when it was strong (good squint), but the signal 
was pretty weak.


Yes, that is simply a Transystem 3733 mounted with a rubber band right on 
top of the original Dishnetwork converter :-)

I first found where to point using the Primestar dish (with the exact same 
converter), and then lined up the 18" dish to match.  Low and behold, I 
heard the beacon.

Far from optimized, but it was VERY simple, and it worked!  I would call 
the system marginal at best.  Don't expect to get much good telemetry with 
such a setup, or to have many (if any) SSB QSOs.  A good preamp might make 
it useable when the bird is pointing its antennas right at you.



Would anybody know what the workable beam angle might be for this dish? 
Just curious if it might be possible to lock it down and maybe receive for 
a hour or so without moving the dish.

>Thanks, Dale kf4sir

Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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