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SETI@HOME: Software problems this past week

The Berkeley folks seem to be having a problem updating. their user
You can see a description of their problems in the right-hand side of their
home page at
Look at June 5th and click on
   http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/tech_news.html for details.

They are making progress. Some of the CGI pages have been slowly but surely
migrating fro setiathome.berkeley.edu to iosef.berkeley.edu. As a result,
the correct. up-to-date AMSAT list with 113 users and 110756 work units is
again available at
I was pleased to see this working  since I has ~100 uncredited units and
that was enough to push me into AMSAT's top 20.

We are still uncredited with ~3000 work units in the CLUB teams competition
where we still show in 95th position. Our current hour should have pushed us
up to ~92.

We are also not updated in the ALL GROUPS list (where we are
showing at position #198 but should be ~195):
In both these cases, The day of the last update shows as June 4th. The new
server seems to have the same pages as the old setiathome pages.

Not much I can do about this problem. The CGI problem also wiped out my
"sysop" page ;<{
They know about the problem and hopefully it will be fixed soon.

73 de Tom, W3IWI

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