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Re: ERP on V and L for AO-40 (Shouldn't this be mode U and L?)??

It is interesting that the people making contacts are using anywhere from
200 to 400 Watts EiRP (I was told Cushcraft's gain for my antenna was
accurate which moves me to 200 Watts).  Everyone not making contacts says
that this is too much power.  I would guess this means if you want to make
contacts you need as a BARE minium 200 Watts EiRP.  Yes, you can get by with
less under some conditions.  If someone is moving the AGC (even a couple of
dB) 200 Watts EiRP is NOT going to keep you in the bird.  200 Watts EiRP
will also keep you from bothering LEILA.  Yes, you can work CW with less.
When the pointing angle is good and the bird is near perigee you can work it
with alot less.

Also, based on my own experience, I do not believe I have a rcv problem.  I
hear myself and others fine.  In fact I often hear stations that cannot hear
me, or cannot hear me well enough for a QSO.

I was asked about EiRP  (Effective isotropic Radiated Power).  It is the
true measure of the uplink.  It takes the antenna gain, feedline losses and
connector losses into account.
20 Watts into 10dBi antenna  -> 200 Watts EiRP
10 Watts into 13dBi antenna -> 200 Watts EiRP
5 Watts in 16 dBi antenn -> 200 Watts EiRP ...


>Yoshi said
>Here is the basic design of my 11-ele yagi. maybe my EIRP is about
>300W EIRP maximam

>Howard said
>I found when operating portable that although I could hear myself at 200W
>EIRP SSB, not too many folks could hear me. I'm thinking more in the 500W
>EIRP league to make much headway - just about manageable with an Arrow and

>I said
>My result is 25 Watts into 6dB of system gain or 100 W ERiP.  In
>reality it is probably a little more than that.  I am one of the weakest
>signals on the bird.

>Doug said
>I tried with ~200 watts  (IC821 into Arrow) and it was not
>really enough for SSB voice.

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