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Re: ERP on V and L for AO-40 (Shouldn't this be mode U and L?)??

      I would argue that 25 W ERiP is completely unrealistic at appogee.  I
have made my share of AO-40 contacts, and my setup is as follows.  My FT-847
gets about 25 Watts at 435 MHz  (50 Watts at 432 and 50 Watts at 446.00,
just my luck!).  I have about 50 feet of LMR-400 UF coax,  I should loose
less than 2 dB there, but I am going to say I loose 3dB to be safe.
Cushcraft claims I have a 12 dBi antenna (RHCP), so I will say it is
probably a 9 dBi antenna.

     My result is 25 Watts into 6dB of system gain or 100 W ERiP.  In
reality it is probably a little more than that.  I am one of the weakest
signals on the bird.  Leila is completely unaware of my existence (I would
like to trip her once just so I could say I did!).  I often will answer CQs
and the calling station doesn't hear me (I can hear myself so I know I'm on
frequency).  In my opinion a 200 W EiRP is needed for reliable SSB
communications.  I do not think LEILA will notice you untill you are well
above 600 W EiRP.  I believe most of the good signals we work (easy copy,
but not tripping LEILA or the AGC) are probably right around the original
design spec of 400 W EiRP.

Just My Opinion,

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