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RE: ERP on V and L for AO-40??

Hello Tony

> That low?  U/S portable, here we come! :)
> 25W EIRP on 70 is pretty straightforward,

Mmm... In my experience I'd take that with a small pinch of salt.

CW, yes, 25W EIRP is _possible_ - keying an HT into an Arrow will generate
this and does work if you can handle the chirp.

I found when operating portable that although I could hear myself at 200W
EIRP SSB, not too many folks could hear me. I'm thinking more in the 500W
EIRP league to make much headway - just about manageable with an Arrow and

My experiences could, of course, be because the AGC had kicked in. I'd be
interested to know the sorts of EIRP folks were running to get LEILA to cut
in... I've never had the pleasure myself.

> just have to make sure the S band
> downlink is up to scratch.  Need some form of portable mount for a 26"
> offset fed dish.

Of course, not just _your_ downlink needs to be up to scratch, but also that
of the receiving station! The mount I've been using for my 60cm dish is a
camera tripod with a piece of aluminium drilled and tapped to fit the camera
mount, and a jury rigged clamp and vice arrangement. However this has
already ended in a potential disaster as it fell down the side of a lift
shaft when a gust of wind came along and blew it over!

73 Howard G6LVB

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